Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain
Chaplain Spence Services

A Full-time Independent Chaplain

 Serving Care Facilities In Southwestern Pennsylvania

 For More Than 22 Years

This Week


FEBRUARY 17th; LORD'S Day (Sunday); 2019.

THIS WEEK'S HYMN.  “Sweet Hour Of Prayer” by Rev. Mr. William W. Walford (1772-1850).  Rev. Walford was an Independent Pastor in England.  This Hymn was written in 1845.

THIS WEEK'S THANKSGIVING.  GOD has answered Prayer.  1. A Lady who had a fall and went to the Hospital is feeling better.  2. A Lady who traveled to New York for a memorial service was given traveling mercies.  3. A Lady who had the flu is recovered.  4. Several who were in the Hospital have gladly returned to their Care Facilities.  5. Some who were sick with colds and flus are well again.  Psalm 107.8 says: “Oh that men would praise the Lord for His Goodness and for His Wonderful Works to the children of men!”

THIS WEEK'S PRAYERLIST.  These Prayer Requests have been made by different Residents and Staff in the Care Facilities.  1. A Lady asked Prayer for her Son whom she says is not well.  2. Those who suffer with back pain.  3. A Lady who is fighting a stubborn infection.  4. Two Ladies whose Daughters are battling cancer.  5. A Lady who fell and injured her thigh.  6. An Aide's Husband who is undergoing cancer treatments.  7. An Aide who is scheduled for surgery.  8. A young Lady who lives in tremendous pain.  9. Care Facilities that desire to take care of more Residents.  10. Those who have lately moved into different Care Facilities.  Let us pray that they will be given pleasant stays.  Psalm 22.11 says: “There is none to help.”  Psalm 44.26 says: “Arise, O Lord, for our help.”  *In the Thanksgiving and Prayerlist sections, the names of the people have been withheld to protect their privacy.  Nevertheless, the Thanksgivings and Prayer Requests are real and actual.  Respect for privacy is also the reason there are usually no photos of Residents on Dr. Spence's website.

THIS WEEK'S COLPORTAGE REPORT.  1. 3 Printed Sermons were mailed to three individuals in Canada, New Jersey, and West Virginia respectively.  167 Printed Sermons were distributed in Businesses but mainly Care Facilities located in McCandless, Allison Park, Pittsburgh, Kittanning, & Charleroi.  2. Pray for the Monthly Colportage.  It will hopefully happen this week.  The Colportage's aim is to focus on the general vicinity of Pittsburgh.  3. Is there anyone who could use the King James Version Book of Psalms in Braille?  If you or someone you know could use these Psalms, please contact us.  The Book and postage are free.  


IN THIS WORLD, there often arises temporary situations and unique circumstances.  People necessarily leave their Homes and move into Care Facilities.  Others are confined to their Homes.  For more than twenty-two years, Dr. Spence has served as a Personal, Domestic, and Care Facility Chaplain meeting the spiritual needs of many of these people.  James 1.27 says: "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."  If you have questions or comments, or if you are interested in Dr. Spence's services, please contact us. Dr. Spence seeks to answer calls here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. However, he tries to go wherever he is requested.