Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence Services

A Full-time Independent Chaplain

 Serving Care Facilities In Southwestern Pennsylvania

 For More Than 23 Years

This Week


MAY 24th; LORD'S Day (Sunday); 2020.

THIS WEEK'S PSALM.  “For The Beauty Of The Earth” by Mr. Folliot Sandford Pierpoint (1835-1917).  Mr. Pierpoint was a Teacher of the Classics at Somersetshire College in England.

THIS WEEK'S THANKSGIVING.  There were answers to Prayer this week.  1. A few weeks ago, a Lady called and asked Prayer for a specific request.  Last week, she called again to say that THE LORD answered her Prayer.  2. A Lady who formerly had a serious chest cold is feeling better again.  3. A Gentleman has quit smoking.  He hasn't touched a cigarette for two weeks.  He now asks Prayer that he will quit snuff.  4. A Lady gave Dr. Spence and his Family some delicious food gifts last week.  5. Dr. Spence wrote all 18 of his Sermon Advertisers last week.  We are grateful for their assistance in the distribution of the Printed Sermons.  6. Good Church Services took place among the Care Facilities last week.  THE LORD was sweetly present blessing the preaching of His Word.  7. Dr. Spence received a dear two-page Letter from the Family of a former Resident.  Included was a generous gift.  I Samuel 12.24 says: “How great things He hath done for you.”  Yet is there not some obligation in this?  Yes, there is.  II Chronicles 31.2 says: “Give thanks.”

THIS WEEK'S PRAYERLIST.  These Prayer Requests have been made by different Residents and Staff in the Care Facilities.  1. Those who are in the Hospital this week.  2. A Lady asks Prayer for her Sister.  3. A Lady's Family.  4. A Lady asks Prayer concerning her anger.  Last week, when she was angry about an injustice done to her, she still came to the Church Service.  She was able to give her attention to the Sermon.  Afterward, she said she was glad she came.  5. A Gentleman who faithfully attends the Church Service was absent last week.  He was not feeling well.  6. A Lady who has intense leg pain.  7. Several who have lately fallen.  8. A Resident asks Prayer for another Resident she is concerned for.  Ezekiel 36.37 says: “Thus saith the Lord God; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them.”  *In the Thanksgiving and Prayerlist sections, the names of the people have been withheld to protect their privacy.  Nevertheless, the Thanksgivings and Prayer Requests are real and actual.  Respect for privacy is also the reason there are usually no photos of Residents on Dr. Spence's website.

THIS WEEK'S COLPORTAGE REPORT.  1. Last week, 208 Printed Sermons were distributed in Care Facilities located in Greensburg, Dayton, Elderton, and Indiana.  This is the first time the Sermons have ever been distributed in Dayton, Elderton, and Indiana.  2. During these days of the coronavirus, please pray that as the Printed Sermons continue to be distributed they will be a singular Blessing.  3. Is there anyone who could use the King James Version Book of Psalms in Braille?  If you or someone you know could use these Psalms, please contact us.  The Book and postage are free.

SPECIAL PRAYER REQUEST.  This is a difficult time in the Care Facilities.  What extreme measures have been taken by our federal and local governments!  Please pray for the Residents these days.  They need Prayer.  All Activities have been canceled.  Doctor, Dentist, and Salon appointments have been suspended.  There are no trips to the stores.  They are not even allowed to see their Friends and Families.  Some have passed away outside the direct presence of their loved ones.  While Dr. Spence has brought Printed Sermons to many Care Facilities these days, it has been a sad sight to see Friends and Families walk up to the windows hoping to see, wave to, or perhaps talk with their Relatives.  Some of these Families have written chalked messages on the sidewalks for their loved ones.  There is a growing dissatisfaction.  Several have spoken to Dr. Spence.  If you have a complaint in this regard, speak up.  Let your voice be heard.  You might do more than you think.     


IN THIS WORLD, there often arises temporary situations and unique circumstances.  People necessarily leave their Homes and move into Care Facilities.  Others are confined to their Homes.  Very frequently, these people, spiritually, fall between the cracks.  They are forgotten and forsaken.  For more than 23 years, Dr. Spence has served as a Personal, Domestic, and Care Facility Chaplain meeting the spiritual needs of many of these people.  James 1.27 says: "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."  If you have questions or comments, or if you are interested in Dr. Spence's services, please contact us.  Dr. Spence seeks to answer calls here in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  However, he tries to go wherever he is requested.