Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence Services

Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence Services

Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence ServicesDr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence Services

Chaplain Spence Services


Dr. Spence serves as a Personal and a Care Facility Chaplain.  As a Personal Chaplain, Dr. Spence often visits Personal Residences and Care Facilities to listen, sing, show concern, loan books, answer questions, read the Scripture, preach the Word, offer Prayer, and naturally speak of spiritual things to just one or two souls.  In the Gospel of John, JESUS often spoke His most memorable Words to one or two souls.  The Promise in Matthew 18.20 is unquestionable.  As a Care Facility Chaplain, Dr. Spence serves Domiciliary Care, Personal Care, and Skilled Care Facilities in Fayette, Washington, Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Armstrong Counties.  The services Dr. Spence renders as Chaplain are—   (1) He visits for an hour with every Home’s Residents every week and preaches to them a weekly Sermon.  Part of this time is spent talking with the Residents themselves, and part of this time is filled with Hymns, Prayer, and the Sermon itself. (2) His Wife (whose heart and prayers are with him in this work) calls and speaks words of encouragement to Residents who become hospitalized. (3) He provides every Home’s Residents with free printed copies of his Sermons.  (4) He provides free Bibles to those who ask.  (5) He loans Christian classics from his extensive library.  (6) He makes hospital trips to those Residents who specially request for him to see them at such times.  Among these services, Dr. Spence does his highest good through the weekly visits.  His best assistance is done through his Sermons.  Dr. Spence’s Sermons are simple.  His main aim is to do good to the hearts and souls of the Residents.  The central goal of his preaching is to convey the leading Doctrines of Scripture.  Dr. Spence is a full-time Independent Chaplain and receives his singular salary from those he serves.  See Deuteronomy 18.1; I Samuel 9.7-10; II Kings 4.9,10; II Kings 5.5,6; II Kings 8.8; Matthew 10.9,10; I Corinthians 9.11; Galatians 6.6.  Dr. Spence is presently serving twenty-two Care Facilities in the greater Pittsburgh area.