Dr. Paul Spence, Chaplain Chaplain Spence Services


Dr. Spence's latest Printed Sermons are entitled How Jesus Was Rejected.  ​Above is a facsimile of the top portion.  These Sermons are printed in newspaper format and were publicly preached by Dr. Spence to the Residents in the Care Facilities where he ministers.  If you do not reside in the Care Facilities where Dr. Spence ministers, you may have the Sermons mailed to your door for a year, be a Helper in this work, and assist in the free distribution of the Sermons by sending your check of $30 to Chaplain Spence Services 421 Market Street Belle Vernon, PA 15012.  If you would like to become a Sermon Advertiser and have your advertisement appear on the last page, you may do so (according to Dr. Spence's discretion) for $30 per issue.  1,300 copies are carefully distributed quarterly.  Since January 1982, Dr. Spence has been preaching the Gospel full time (38 years).  Since August 1996, Dr. Spence has served the Care Facilities full time (23 years).  Since January 1999, the Sermons have enjoyed an unbroken publication (21 years).  The Printed Sermons' content is copyrighted.  All rights reserved.  These Sermons or any portion thereof (except the public domain material) may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.